About Lance

Lance Woods, MS, LCAS-A

I spent the last 6 years as a corporate executive for 2 of the largest addiction treatment and behavioral health providers in North America. I walked away from my career, seeking purpose and meaning. I am now a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate and Trauma Informed Certified Coach helping people work through the cycle of addiction. Specializing in how trauma affects addiction, I utilize compassionate inquiry, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing to help people overcome substance and process addictions. I am an avid runner, yoga practitioner, and holistic health advocate that focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

I am a dynamic and passionate leader, educator, and clinician with a goal to help you become the best version of yourself. I have two decades of experience in working in behavioral health and addiction treatment—serving clients spanning from ages 4 to 90. I spent the last 10 years as an operational executive with addiction treatment providers in the United States. 


I find fulfillment in helping others learn to overcome their substance and behavioral addictions. I work with patients to solve the complex problems that lead to addiction—validating their journey along the way and providing unconditional positive regard through their troubles and successes. I believe that addiction is not the problem, therefore, I approach addiction as a maladaptive solution to a problem. I look forward to guiding you through the discovery of healthy solutions to those problems.


My approach is a holistic focus on healing the full psyche (mind, body, and spirit) through an evolutionary and anthropological view of psychology. I utilize techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Existential Therapy coupled with motivational interviewing and trauma informed care to explore the unique experiences that makes each of us human.


As a former Licensed Guidance Counselor and Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselor, I have a strong level of expertise in working with teens and young adults who have addiction. I also specialize in working with individuals with behavioral addictions and affliction (gambling, sex, pornography, work, etc.) My areas of expertise include substance use, behavioral addictions, and the relationship between trauma and addiction.



I received a master’s degree in Community and College Counseling from Longwood University, and a dual Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services from Lyndon State College. I am a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate in the state of North Carolina.


It is important to note that as an LCAS-A, although I am able to practice and bill independently, at times I may have to consult with my supervisor for clinical purposes. No identifying information will be relayed or discussed in consultation or supervision. My supervisor is Boyce Smith, MA, LCAS, LCMHCA, NCC, CCS, MAC.